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Lack of understanding on the importance of tyres are putting lives at risk according to Bridgestone survey

There are a number of possible reasons why cars pull to one side. Steering pull can result from a simple difference in pressure between the left and right tyres, or it can come from mismatched tyres with different rates of wear.

More serious issues include wheels not running at the angles set out in the manufacturer’s specifications, a situation that can arise through ever gradual wear or by impact, such as from striking a pothole - an occurrence experienced by 40 per cent of those surveyed. Depending on the severity of the impact, hitting a pothole can lead to tyre damage, balancing weights falling off rims, a loss of tyre pressure or even damage to suspension components.

Tye Safety

Across the ETB network, we are continually investing in our wheel alignment machinery to both diagnose and resolve alignment issues within minutes.

In this blog, we aim to highlight the importance of this issue, and the implications of driving a car ‘on the pull.’

Bridgestone believes that a lack of tyre safety knowledge is putting motorists’ lives at risk, after just 14% of 2,000 UK drivers surveyed in a recent research study conducted by Bridgestone , described them as the most crucial safety feature on their cars, in relation to road safety.

The survey further revealed, despite tyres being the only contact points between a vehicle and the road – and directly cited as responsible for 491 casualties and 12 deaths in 2021 – the majority of motorists didn’t deem them to be as important as airbags (24%).

To underline the gap in tyre safety awareness, only 42% of motorists know what the legal tread limit is (1.6mm).

Other headline statistics include:

  • 54% don’t believe that driving on illegal tyres is an extremely dangerous act
  • Only 31% of motorists say they are ‘definitely’ well informed on road safety matters
  • Just 12% check their tyre treads once a fortnight (which is the recommended period)
  • 17% check their tyre pressures once a fortnight (which is the recommended period)

Bridgestone is reminding motorists that any safety feature on a vehicle is only as good as the quality of the tyres beneath it, but is concerned that this message is still not sticking.

Bridgestone’s North Region Vice President Andrea Manenti said: “Our research, coupled with the number of avoidable fatalities on our roads due to defective tyres, tells us that lives continue to be put at risk through a lack of tyre knowledge.

“The survey indicated there seems to be a lack of understanding of the critical role that tyres play on a car and we at Bridgestone are determined to bring this to the forefront of minds. For example, the research also revealed that only 46% of motorists would call out a friend if they knew they were driving on illegal tyres, when the very act of doing this could be the difference between life and death.”

Bridgestone is reminding motorists that cars equipped with budget tyres can take an extra 14 metres to stop in wet conditions when driving at 70mphm compared to cars with ‘premium brand’ tyres . Under-inflated tyres will also have an impact on stopping distances , as will cars with poorly maintained brakes.
As a premium tyre manufacturer Bridgestone knows the importance of superior quality; its new flagship touring tyre, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 offers best-in-class wet performance[1] to help keep drivers safe on the road, while also providing enhanced sustainability through superior mileage[2] and improved fuel/energy efficiency[2].
According to tests carried out by independent TÜV SÜD, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 outperforms its competitors in the segment with best-in-class wet performance[1]. This includes being the best in cornering maneuvers and outstanding straight-line performance. The Bridgestone Turanza 6 also achieves best-in-class EU label A-grade in wet grip for the full line-up.
Andrea added: “We were not unduly shocked by the results from our survey as we appreciate that not all motorists are aware of the significance of their tyres and the importance of maintaining them. That’s why Bridgestone is highlighting the importance of tyres to drivers and how crucial they are in terms of road safety. We’ll aim to change attitudes through education campaigns and initiatives, with a reminder that it only takes a matter of seconds to check tread depths and pressure levels.

“Tyre awareness remains a huge issue in regards to road safety, but not an insurmountable one and we’ll be doing all we can to keep the issue of tyre safety at the forefront of motorists’ minds.”

Bridgestone’s road safety research represents part of its mission to continue to provide social and customer value as a sustainable solutions company. It also embodies Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment – a set of eight areas (Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease, Empowerment) which provide a compass to guide their strategic priorities, decision making and actions throughout every area of the business and operations.
Bridgestone’s road safety research provides Ease, by bringing comfort and peace of mind to mobility life and Extension, by committing to nonstop mobility and innovation that keeps people and the world moving ahead.

Research carried out online by Research Without Barriers (February 2023) comprising 2,000 UK car owners. All research conducted adheres to the UK Market Research Society (MRS) code of conduct (2019). RWB is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and complies with the DPA (2018)