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ETB – Coronavirus update - We are Open.

Following the Prime Minister’s strict stay-at-home measures for the whole of the UK, we want to reassure customers that we remain open for business, with garages remaining part of a limited group of retailers permitted to stay in operation in order to keep essential workers moving and to ensure the public can still get to medical assistance and supermarkets etc.

However, in order to keep both our Staff & customers safe with minimum risk please follow these protocol rules: -

  • In order to minimise waiting times & social contact we would urge customers to reserve tyres & MOT online or by phone, then call ahead to confirm best time to arrive.
  • Please keep 2 meters apart from each other
  • If possible, please wear gloves.
  • Avoid physical contact, including handshakes and the sharing of items such as pens.
  • Only 2 customers should be in the reception area at any one time and should always remain 2 meters apart.
  • Please make yourself known to staff on arrival. If you cannot be seen immediately then we recommend you wait in your car until staff are free.
  • Protective equipment such as seat covers will be used or if necessary staff may request that you drive your own vehicle into the bay, leaving doors & boot unlocked and all windows down, before re-locating to an appropriate waiting area always remaining 2 meters away from others.
  • Once work and payment are completed you will be able to go back to your vehicle and drive away.
  • Our staff will be wearing gloves at all times, have minimum contact with your vehicle. All door handles, keys and credit card keypads will be sanitised before and after use.
  • We will give priority to medical vehicles & NHS workers
  • For your own safety adopt the 10-barrier actions recommended below…

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