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We are a family run business established in 1980 offering tyres exhausts, batteries, MOT testing, service, wheel alignment, brakes, and other fast-fit garage services across our centres

What do the markings mean on the side of my tyre?
For the purposes of this question, let’s say a 205/55 R16 91V:

  • 215: This is the tyre width in millimeters.
  • 60: This is the height or profile of the tyre sidewall (aspect ratio), expressed as a percentage of the tread width. In this case, the height of the tyre sidewall is 205×0.55 = 112.75mm.
  • R16: Here’s the diameter of the wheel rim, measured in inches – the wheel rim is 16″ in this case.
  • 91: This is the ‘load rating’ of the tyre. It’s a measure of the maximum weight it can support. 91 denotes a load rating of 615kg.
  • V: The speed rating of the tyre. I.E. the maximum speed at which the tyre can support maximum load. This should be higher than the maximum speed of the car. In this case, ‘V’ means a speed rating of up to 149mph.

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Staying aligned!

If a recent survey of more than 2,000 motorists is representative of British motorists, then almost one million drivers are currently experiencing wheel alignment issues and significant steering pull. An ICM Research survey of 2,024 adults claim as many as one in eight motorists feel a pulling to one side or the other when driving.

What causes wheels to go out of alignment?
Hitting a pothole is the most obvious reason, but it doesn’t always have to be a knock or prang. Wheels can simply stray as you drive over rough surfaces and speed bumps.

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