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Girl Power helping ETB Bude through lockdown

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Mike Caesar- Gordon, Dave Bowers, Tracey Wright, Andy McFadden, Robin Cornish and Chris Baker are making first impressions last with motorists at ETB Bude

A Bude garage believes that a touch of ‘Girl Power’ is the secret behind its successful battle against the national lockdown, with a female centre manager overseeing an encouraging period of growth – and new signage worth more than £10,000.

ETB Bude Tyre Supplies, based in Kings Hill Industrial Estate, is run by depot manager Tracey Wright, who is not only keeping five technicians in check, but is also empowering women to make informed decisions about the maintenance of their cars.

Tracey, who is approaching her 19th year at the depot, said that female perceptions had completely changed about the industry, with more women than ever bringing their cars in for services.

She said: “A significant number of our customers are female and elderly and I’d like to think that this is down to the welcoming environment that we have created for them over many years.

“This business is helping to sustain us during lockdown which is a positive and we have been able to invest in new signage which we’re also excited about, as it lets everyone know that we’re here.”

Tracey said that perceptions had changed massively since she first began work at ETB Bude Tyre Supplies, not to mention conversations at the point of purchase.

“When I first started, one or two men would be known to try and trip me up and there were a few that didn’t think I knew what I was talking about, but that was many years ago.

“It’s really nice now, because we have a lot of elderly customers and female motorists, who tell me that they’d have given their car keys to their partners to sort many years ago. This isn’t the case today and they enjoy coming in to see us.

“The conversation has shifted from price to value now, too. It’s a tough time for everyone right now, but we still try to advise on what tyres will suit the driving requirements of whoever is behind the wheel.

“For example, there’s a lot of pot holes on the local roads, so tyres with that durability are actually products that will save money in the longer term. We have Davanti products which come with a warranty, while our Bridgestone and Firestone ranges are amongst the best performing in the trade – and they are still priced at an extremely competitive figure.”

ETB Bude Tyre Supplies has also invested in a mobile van to allow them to make puncture repairs and carry out battery replacements remotely, in another investment to offset the challenges of COVID-19.

ETB Bude Tyre Supplies is a family-run business, Tracey’s brother started the business in 1982 and directed it for 38 years until ETB took over the business in 2020.

The 54 year-old added: “I love every minute of working here. I began as a receptionist and was made the centre manager 15 years ago. It’s good fun working with the lads, who have come to appreciate a good bit of ‘girl power’ here and there!

“They’re a great team and we’re working together to help get through lockdown – and to help our customers do the same by keeping them safe when out on the roads.”

ETB Bude Tyre Supplies stock and fit a wide range of tyres from economy to big brands including Bridgestone, Firestone, Landsail and Davanti. They boast fully trained mechanics to carry out MOT, servicing and a wide range of vehicle repairs.

For more information about the services ETB Bude Tyre Supplies provide, contact 01288 352924.