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Bridgestone T6

Bridgestone T6

Bridgestone Turanza 6 tyre

Bridgestone T6 6

Whether taking a corner on the highway or needing to brake unexpectedly in the city, Bridgestone’s new Turanza 6 meets and exceeds expectations, even in wet conditions..

  • Best-in-class Wet Performance*
  • Superior mileage
  • Improved fuel / energy efficiency
  • Electric vehicle ready: tyre designed to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles

Bridgestone T6


High volume slots in shoulder enhance water flow and optimised distribution of void in centre part of the pattern ensures water drainage in centre contact. Increased resistance to deformation thanks to connections between shoulder blocks ensuring an even contact on shoulders while braking.

Bridgestone T6


The unique steel and stiff polyester reinforcement ensure a superior handling and a lower rolling resistance in order to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Bridgestone 6


New mixing technology improves silica dispersion in Nano Pro-tech™ high silica content compound.Synergy of pattern & compound maximises adhesion in the footprint to enhance wet grip.

Bridgestone T6