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Wheel Alignment in Redditch

wheel alignment machine in Redditch

At ETB Autocentres, we offer a quality wheel alignment service in Redditch, using state-of-the-art wheel alignment machinery to ensure your wheels are angled for optimal performance, helping your tyres last longer and saving you money. The wheels on your car must be correctly positioned, enabling the tyres to wear at an even rate, as this will improve handling, and comfort, reduce tyre wear, and increase fuel efficiency. Our wheel alignment service in Redditch is easy to book and affordable, meaning you don’t have to break the bank.

What are the symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment?

Some noticeable signs could indicate a misalignment. Here are some common signs that you are dealing with poor alignment:

  • Tyres will wear more unevenly and faster than normal
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Steering wheel doesn’t centralise when you are driving straight
  • Squealing tyres
  • Uneven or excessive tyre wear
  • Poor handling
  • Heavy steering
  • Vibration through the steering wheel

Hitting a kerb or driving over a pothole too quickly can often cause wheel misalignment. Wheel alignments are a critical part of your vehicle. While you might think it's ok if the alignment is a little bit off, what you might not realise is that the longer you let it go, the worse it will get and the more damage you’ll cause. Don’t put off getting your wheels aligned until it’s too late.

symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment

What is Four Wheel Alignment?

The modern car is built for comfort, performance, and handling. To achieve and maintain the best ride possible, the steering and suspension needs to be measured and adjusted within the motor manufacturer’s specifications. This can only be done by measuring all four wheels and having a proper full four-wheel alignment measurement.

Book Your FREE Wheel Alignment Check

ETB Autocentres in Redditch offers a free wheel alignment check to ensure your wheels are properly aligned and reduce the likelihood of steering and suspension issues. Vehicle suspension misalignment can result in irregular tyre wear, which affects the handling and safety of the vehicle. We will check the alignment of your wheels and offer advice if your vehicle needs any correction work carried out. Click the button below to book your free wheel alignment test today!


Having your wheel alignment checked has several benefits

We would recommend that your wheel alignment is checked every 10,000 miles or 12 months, depending on how often the vehicle is driven. Having your car wheel alignment checked at ETB Autocentres will have benefits including:

  • Maintains your car’s handling and safety
  • Experience smoother driving
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Prevents damage to other vehicle components
  • Extends the life of your tyres

If you want to schedule your wheel alignment in Redditch, car servicing, or new tyres, you can depend on the team at ETB Autocentres. ETB Autocentres Redditch is located on Beoley Road Redditch. which is the last junction off Holloway Drive. We have a selection of tyres from leading brands at affordable prices, including Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Landsail & Davanti.



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Driving in Redditch

Redditch is occasionally known for its confusing road system dominated by a system of dual carriageways built when it became a New Town, including the only cloverleaf interchange in England at the junction of the A441 and the Bromsgrove-bound A448. The system is designed to allow rapid flow of large volumes of traffic around the various districts and into the town centre, whilst keeping fast-moving vehicles separated from residential streets.