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RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit

4X4 Alloy Wheels Warwick

We have teamed up with one of Europe’s leading Space Saver wheel manufacturers to deliver the most comprehensive space saver wheel kit on the market, featuring a space saver wheel, tyre, jack, brace, warning triangle, hi-vis, head torch, kneeling mat, gloves & rain poncho all packaged in simple and tidy bags.

4X4 Wheels

The RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit solves a genuine problem – and the demand is high. For many years, We have delivered a steel wheel programme, featuring full-size steel wheels for over 95% of the car park, manufactured by Alcar Stahlrad in Germany. However, with wheel-wells getting smaller; and manufacturers opting to save weight by only supplying cars with tyre-slime rather than any form of spare wheel, the need is great. Tyre Slime is one solution, which many are happy to use, but more people demand a genuine wheel replacement to get them home safely. This is where RoadHero comes in..